A Courier Company’s Transition to Layered Voice Analysis

  • Trust and integrity essential in the logistics industry.
  • Previous reliance on time-consuming and other available technologies.
The Transition

Adopted XTND’s advanced Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology for modernization.

Why Choose LVA?

Efficiency: Offers real-time deception detection, eliminating lengthy procedures.

Non-Invasiveness: Analyzes voice patterns stress-free, without discomfort.

Accuracy: Uses advanced algorithms for reliable truth assessments and reduces human error.

Outcomes Post-Implementation

Operational Workflow: Significantly streamlined, with reduced downtime.
Security: Enhanced accuracy in deception detection, improving overall trust and security.
Employee Well-being: Created a less stressful environment for integrity testing.


A leading entity in the logistics sector, known for its commitment to reliability, security, and operational efficiency, has traditionally relied on other available technologies to ensure workforce integrity. Recently, the company pivoted towards a more advanced and efficient technology – Layered Voice Analysis (LVA), implemented through XTND’s cutting-edge solution.


The courier and logistics industry relies on a foundation of trust and integrity, given the sensitive and valuable nature of transported goods. Previous reliance on other technologies available when testing among the company’s employees, while aimed at upholding this standard, faced challenges including time consumption, invasiveness, and subjective interpretation leading to inconclusive outcomes and operational delays.

The Transition

Marking a strategic shift toward technological modernization, the Company adopted XTND’s Layered Voice Analysis technology. This move significantly advanced operational efficacy and reinforced the company’s security protocols.

Why LVA Over Other Technologies?
  • Efficiency: LVA technology allows for real-time deception detection and credibility assessment, sidestepping the lengthy procedures associated with other technologies.
  • Non-Invasiveness: LVA analyzes voice patterns, unlike the psychological invasiveness of some other technologies, offering a stress-free experience for employees.
  • Accuracy: Advanced algorithms and machine learning in LVA minimize human error and false positives, providing a reliable approach to truthfulness assessment.
Implementation and Outcomes

With the integration of XTND’s LVA technology, the Company saw immediate enhancements in security protocols and employee screening processes. This transition not only fortified their ethical standards but also streamlined operational workflow by:

  • Reducing Downtime: Efficiency in LVA processing minimized disruptions, facilitating smoother daily operations.
  • Enhancing Security Posture: Improved accuracy in deception detection bolstered overall operational security and trustworthiness.
  • Promoting Employee Well-being: The non-intrusive LVA fostered a more positive environment, reducing stress for employees undergoing integrity testing.

The Courier Company’s adoption of XTND’s Layered Voice Analysis technology signifies a pivotal move towards operational modernization, highlighting a progressive approach to ensuring security and integrity. The successful shift from other technologies to a technologically advanced, efficient, and accurate method reflects the company’s dedication to innovation, excellence, and ethical practices.

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