Empowering Trust and Security with AuthentIQ

AuthentIQ stands at the forefront of risk identification, employing advanced voice analytics to assess an individual’s risk profile based on the nuances of their mental and emotional state in near real-time.

Unlocking New Dimensions in Comprehensive Risk Management

At XTND, we’re proud to present AuthentIQ, our breakthrough product developed to enhance the security and well-being landscape for businesses across various industries.

In an era where trust is paramount, AuthentIQ stands as a bold response to the evolving challenges of fraud detection, cybersecurity, and employee welfare.

Innovating for a Safer Tomorrow

AuthentIQ isn’t just a product; it’s our commitment towards building a more secure, trustworthy business environment.

By leveraging the advanced Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology, we’re pioneering new avenues in fraud detection and risk management. AuthentIQ goes beyond traditional security measures, integrating sophisticated emotion recognition algorithms to identify potential security threats with remarkable accuracy.

Risk-Led Fraud Detection

Proactivity is key in combating threats to your business. AuthentIQ's intuitive risk-led framework empowers your teams to preemptively address vulnerabilities, ensuring your operations stay several steps ahead of potential threats.

Tech-Led Security Solutions

Secure your business legacy with cutting-edge technology. AuthentIQ harnesses the power of innovative cybersecurity solutions, maintaining your business's integrity and ensuring operational efficiency without compromise.

People-Led Organisational Well-being

At the heart of successful businesses are their people. AuthentIQ's empathetic, people-led approach intertwines technology with genuine care for staff wellness, fostering a positive organizational climate that not only attracts but retains top talent.

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Partnering with AuthentIQ marks a significant milestone in our journey at XTND. We are excited to include it in our suite of solutions that redefines business security and employee wellness standards. Our holistic approach ensures that while your operations are shielded against escalating threats, your workforce thrives, driven by an environment that values their contribution and well-being.

Leon Towsen, XTND Executive and visionary founder of AuthentIQ, invites you to explore how this groundbreaking product can transform your business’s security and employee well-being.