Securing Prosperity by Combating White-Collar Crime

Strategic Solutions for Combating White-Collar Crime

XTND specializes in protecting South Africa’s economic landscape from the threats of white-collar crime. Our mission is to offer cutting-edge solutions that prevent, detect, and respond to these threats, ensuring a safer future for businesses across the nation. Our suite of services, tailored for organizations of all sizes, helps safeguard assets and foster an environment of equitable prosperity.


AuthentIQ is our risk analysis tool that utilizes advanced voice analytics to quickly and accurately assess the risk profile of individuals, focusing on preventing security breaches and financial losses with low cost and easy integration.

Veritas is a web-based tool that leverages data to detect fraudulent insurance claims efficiently, aiming to reduce unnecessary expenditures and streamline the claims process for organizations.

ExposeIT offers an anonymous whistleblowing solution, promoting a culture of transparency and accountability within organizations. It provides support for whistleblowers while managing and moderating reports effectively.

Layered Voice Analysis technology provides real-time, accurate analysis of stress levels and emotional states in voices, offering a unique window into the veracity of communications.

VeriX simplifies ID verification and screening, enhancing security measures while ensuring a smooth and secure user experience, mitigating fraud and reputational risks.

Our Professional Services extend our expertise in commercial and cyber crime investigation, claims assessment, and more, focusing on uncovering significant potential financial loss and safeguarding business integrity.

Why Choose XTND?

XTND delivers comprehensive solutions against white-collar crime by utilizing advanced technologies and expert knowledge. Here’s what sets us apart:

Comprehensive Protection: From prevention and detection to response and recovery, we offer full-spectrum solutions against white-collar crime, safeguarding your business on all fronts.

Cost-Effectiveness: Our tools and services are designed to minimize implementation and operational costs while maximizing efficiency and security.

Proactive Risk Management: With real-time analytics and assessments, we enable businesses to identify and mitigate risks before they escalate into costly issues.

Expertise and Innovation: Our team of seasoned professionals and our commitment to leveraging the latest technology guarantee solutions that are not just effective but are ahead of the curve.

Support and Transparency: Through solutions like ExposeIT, we foster a culture of openness and support within organizations, ensuring problems can be reported and addressed without fear of reprisal.

At XTND, we understand the pivotal role that security and integrity play in ensuring a business’s success and stability. By choosing our solutions, organizations are not just averting financial losses—they are investing in the future of their business and the broader South African economy.


Together, let’s take a firm stand against white-collar crime and pave the way for a more secure, prosperous business landscape.

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