The Future of Precise Claims Management

Welcome to Veritas. Our mission is simple yet revolutionary: to transform the landscape of insurance claims management through advanced, accessible technology.

Veritas offers a web-based solution designed to sift through claims data, past and present. With advanced analytics and clear data visualization, fraud detection isn’t just a process—it’s a leap towards efficiency and integrity.

Core Advantages

Targeted Fraud Detection

Zero in on actual risks without the clutter of false alarms.

Streamlined Operations

Significant cuts in both investigation timelines and operational costs.

Smoother Claims Experience

Reduce friction for clients, enhancing trust and satisfaction.

Informed Decision-Making

Equip your team with insights that drive confident, calculated decisions.

Prioritized Claim Handling

Identify and expedite low-risk claims, optimizing client service and resource allocation.

Innovating at the Edge of Claims Management

Veritas doesn’t just address fraud; it completely revamps how your organization confronts and manages claims. By focusing on accuracy and efficiency, Veritas places you ahead, marking you as an industry leader committed to fairness and customer satisfaction.

A Year in Review


Claims rejected on fraud
R 90 mil
Claims completed in 4 hours
60 %
Funeral claims finalised

Underwritten Life Claims

Fraud Ratio
70 %
Rejected on Fraud
20 mil
rejection ratio
20 %
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