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We are thrilled to announce that our new website is under construction and will be launching soon! XTND is at the forefront of combating white-collar crime, dedicated to South Africa’s economic prosperity and ensuring safety and fairness for businesses nationwide.

Our innovative suite of solutions, including risk analysis, fraud detection, whistleblowing, and advanced security measures, sets us apart in our mission to secure a brighter future free from the threats of economic crimes.

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Can’t wait to discover how XTND can transform your business’s approach to security and integrity? We’re just as excited to show you! Though our full website is still a bit away, your interest and your business’s safety matter to us now.

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Questions or need immediate assistance? Reach out directly at info@xtnd.co.za, and let’s address your business’s white-collar crime prevention needs today.

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The future of economic security and business integrity in South Africa is bright, and with XTND, you’re always one step ahead.