Layered Voice Analysis (LVA)

Unlocking Truth with Precision

At XTND, we recognize the critical need for advanced security solutions that not only protect but propel us into a future where integrity and transparency form the basis of all transactions and interactions. LVA technology—Layered Voice Analysis—sets a new standard in forensic and corporate integrity assessment.

Transforming Detection Through Technology

LVA isn’t just another tool; it’s a ground-breaking approach that intersects the forefront of mathematical algorithms and cutting-edge voice analysis technology. 

In-depth Analysis

By analyzing stress levels, cognitive effort, and emotional states, LVA peels back the layers of the human voice, revealing truths that remain hidden from the naked eye.

Real-time Insights

Instantaneous results mean that you’re equipped to make informed decisions without the delays that typically undermine the accuracy of conventional methods.

Precision at Its Core

Our technology goes beyond the surface, providing insights with a level of accuracy previously unattainable in both forensic and corporate environments.

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Broad-Spectrum Applications

LVA’s versatility makes it an indispensable tool across a multitude of sectors, demonstrating our commitment to creating adaptable solutions for:

Formal Police Investigations

Transforming how evidence is interpreted and truth is uncovered.

Recruiting and Vetting

Streamlines the hiring process by verifying candidate authenticity.

Call Centre Quality Monitoring

Elevating customer service by analyzing and improving interactions in real-time.

Personality Tests

Offering deeper insights into emotional and psychological states, enhancing personal and professional development.

Security Clearances

Strengthens vetting for sensitive positions.

Intelligence Gathering

Aiding in the meticulous collection of data essential for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Ethical Application and Impact

XTND is devoted to responsible innovation, where LVA plays a critical role in promoting fairness and trust within businesses and institutions. LVA reflects XTND’s pledge to a society where technology equitably protects and serves, furthering our commitment to a secure, transparent future.

Unlock truth with precision

LVA by XTND isn’t just a solution; it’s a promise—a promise of security, clarity, and integrity for a brighter, more honest future. 

Unlock truth with precision, and ensure that every voice is heard and understood, with the accuracy and reliability that only XTND can offer.

Embrace the future of organizational integrity with ExposeIT by XTND.

Take Action

Make data-driven decisions rooted in voice analytic precision.

Secure Your Future

Guard against financial and reputational risks with thorough vetting processes.

Advance with Confidence

Partner with XTND, where innovation meets responsibility.

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